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In today’s competitive world of online marketing and over supply of web developers, it’s hard to differentiate who is the best. When it comes to web design quotation, we often see client looking at price as the most important factor. This is especially so for small and medium size company. Web development company that wants to capture this market share, will have to slash price and put in as much value as possible. Very true indeed, the one that gives more and at lower price usually wins the project. That’s perhaps what we call value for money for web design.

What’s more than affordable web design services?

In order not to go for the cheapest and realized later that the standard is no where near to what you would like to have, its better to be more careful with your selection criteria for a web developer. Ask yourself the question of why are they so cheap? Is it because they are doing less work? Is it because they are an offshore company or a company from the third world? Maybe they are freelancer who has just graduated from school. These are good reason when determining the price with the standard market rate and the kind of work that you are asking for. If you asked for a quote from a few well known company in your country, you will roughly see the standard rate that the market is offering. If there is a huge variation, then you ought to ask why. Nothing is free and likewise, you know that people out there are also trying to make a living from what they are doing.

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Knowing What is a Good Web Design Service

After knowing what kind of web design service you are looking for, you should also know what is a good web design service. Finding out what a good website have is important for you to check how well your web designer and web developer is doing. For example, does the web design and development service you engage include website SEO? This is important for a website to get index and rank well in the long run. If your website does not have a good on-page SEO, then your website is not being liked by the search engine. If so, then your website is only looking good on the exterior but lacking what it takes to rank well online. Ultimately, the reason for having a website is to be found online. So this is one fact you have to take into consideration.

In my career in web design and development, I checked many websites and realized that they don’t have image alt tag, no meta description or a keywords structure. These are basic stuff to tell search engine what you want to rank for. On top of that, many website I see are not speed optimized. The Google Page Insights shows how optimized your website is for speed. If your website is slow, search engine like Google will put your website under penalty for slow speed. It will not make your website rank well either.

Affordable Web Design and Quality

Finally, I like to urge you, business owners, to consider website as a long term investment. Just like you own a BMW or a luxury house, its for your pride and branding. If you are willing to give yourself the best, why not give your business the best? Moreover, the business is one that will create the wealth for your life. So think about quality more than affordability but well within the market rate. Definitely recommended to do a research, get a few quotes and compare the list of services that the web development companies are providing.


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