Affordable Web Design Options

If you are a small business and budget is a concern, this idea will be able to save you money and time. Today, we are talking about simple, professional and affordable corporate website.┬áThis mean, we will not be looking at very specialized service where you need to engage a consultant, talk about a very complex eCommerce development or anything like that. What we will be talking about will be a simple corporate website that is professionally built with simple function – just nice for a simple business.

affordable web design

Website Templates Web Design

There are many website templates with professionally design website ready to be used. Unlike the WordPress themes you find in your WP site, these templates are paid themes that you can purchase and used straightaway with demo contents. What you usually find from your default WordPress free theme, is without the demo content. With demo contents which you can import to the website theme, your website is done beautifully, with the site as if its already completed. Once you have installed the theme design, you can just replace the images and text with your own web content.

I would say, this is the best way to create a website if you have no idea at all how to design a website. The ready theme design is what you see what you get, so there is no guess work! You just need to know how to install WordPress or any CMS site and implement the theme. If you are unsure, you can always engage a professional web design agency or a freelancer to get it installed for you. There is usually some tutorial and documentation which will guide your through when you purchase a website template. This affordable and fast web design makes it ideal for a starter who has limited budget. We are talking about a theme design cost of between $50 to $100 on average and that’s just the cost if you know how to do the rest. At the very most, your add a few hundreds more to get someone to install and fill those content in. Not forgetting a web hosting to host it as well.

Subscription Based Web Builder Web Design

There are quite a few popular web building platforms that allow anyone with no experience to create a website. These website builder are built within the membership area where subscribed member can login, build a web design with the template choices included. Click and drag functionalities within the web builder to quickly launch a simple website for anyone. The subscription of this is usually higher than your self-hosted website. Nevertheless, you need not possess any technical skill on how to create or edit website using codes. The other down side of this is, if you decide to terminate the subscription, your website will be gone. You cannot have access to the cPanel where your website files and databases are hosted. There is no way you can choose the server that you like to host your website on. That can mean a performance based issue as your website gets bigger.

When you have sufficiently built your business and like to host on your own or further improve your website, the flexibility to scale your website or add-on functions may be a concern as well. Therefore, this type of website may be affordable and fast web design, it may only be ideal for startup. One of the most advertised web builder out there as you may already know, is WIX.


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