If you work like many others on the net, then you need to have a web site of your own. The issue is, you don’t understand the best way to design a website, and you can’t afford to pay a web site designer to design a new site for you. So how do you resolve this problem? In actual fact it is very easy – and as always there are options!

Website Template and Choices

There are many good web designers on the world wide web, and they will enable you to purchase a site design from them for a very competitive price tag. The designs available to you are as varied as the folks that created them. There is literally some thing for anyone – a design for all tastes and any purposes – just anticipating you to come along and use it.

HTML Web Design

These pre-crafted web sites are called web site web templates, and some of them are very well created. Web site templates are usually created among three ways – they are: Html, Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Flash. If you know effective ways to edit html, a design template may be a quick and very easy way to flip your concepts into a new website. I can already hear just some of you saying “That’s no good to me, I can’t write html!”. That’s OK! There is the Photoshop style of websites design template that you can try.


Do you possess a digital camera? Have you ever set a title on your photos? Have you fine-tuned your photos or developed a collage out of them? (multiple images joined into one.) If you have, then you can almost definitely make your very own website using Adobe Photoshop – or an identical image editing application. The Photoshop templates do all the preliminary design job for you, you just have to write in the text areas with just about anything you really want to say. It really isn’t that difficult to achieve. The software will do most of the design, you just need to get the ‘content’ to fill the provided spaces.

Attempt it at home using your personal digital images, and when you have made a couple of pages download a Photoshop template and make a complete web page. Surely you will need an expert to host your new website, but as most ISP’s include a small ‘home page’ area with every account, you can undoubtedly put your new site there to begin with.

Macromedia Flash

The next form of web site web theme uses Macromedia Flash to create it. Websites design templates built using Flash are typically animated and can have some rather cutting-edge visual effects. The draw back to using Flash templates is they are not really intended for greenhorn web designers – the Flash software is quite advanced – but the results could be well worth the effort.

As a side note, online search engine have a very poor understanding of Flash websites, and if you want to create a commercial or business website, then you would be much better off using html or photoshop for your design.

The final possibility for creating a site by theme is to find a template that you like the look of, and have somebody else turn it into your web site. By purchasing a site web theme you will greatly lessen the price tag of the design of you latest web site – and as a bonus, you will know beforehand what it will appear to be when it is finished.

When you use a theme to develop a new site please understand that you are not the only person on the web that is using that design template. There might be other website using the very template – but with the massive number of website on the internet it is improbable that you will ever find one of those sites. If you wish to guarantee that your web site is completely one-of-a-kind, then you should design it yourself, of you will have to get it designed only for you. All the best with your brand-new website!


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